Speech Therapy

Licensed speech language pathologists focus on assessing and treating the areas of: oral motor, articulation, phonology, fluency, voice, feeding, receptive and expressive language, language processing, social/pragmatic language, cognitive and aural/hearing rehabilitation. Our therapists have experience with both pediatrics and adults.

Occupational Therapy

Licensed occupational therapists focus on helping individuals of all ages gain or regain their ability to participate in everyday situations and/or activities. Common activities include but are not limited to fine motor, sensory integration and balance.

Physical Therapy

Licensed physical therapists focus on promoting gross motor wellness by increasing mobility, function, and quality of life to the patients they serve. Coming Summer 2020!

Developmental Therapy

Licensed health therapists can focus on giving a well rounded approach to your loved one’s developmental needs by providing a service that targets all areas of concern, working with other team professionals to supplement traditional therapy. Coming Summer 2020!

Developmental Tutoring

Professionals with an academic background are trained and mentored by a licensed professional to offer you this supplemental service, which works to aide therapy and further push the patient to success with their developmental and/or rehabilitative goals.

Our Four-Step Process

Our first step happens the day that you call. All of our MTC team members are here to meet all of your needs and expectations. Please feel free to ask us anything regarding the process to enrolling in therapeutic services and/or the questions regarding developmental needs of your loved one. We know that the insurance process can be a difficult one, but rest assured that all of our team members are experts and can help you navigate the system. As for specific developmental questions, one of our staff members can route your call to a licensed therapists which better answer questions in the event that you need further information.

Reaching us via website or through email is always a plus in this high speed electronic environment we live in. Send us an email at info@mytherapycentermiami.com and we will reply within 24 hours.

Screenings usually occur in the educational environment for our pediatric cases. A team of MTC developmental specialists will go to your child’s school and screen for: vision, hearing, communication, fine motor and fitness skills.

MTC is always excited to form new partnerships with educational centers throughout Miami-Dade county, and offer school-wide screenings, free of charge. Feel free to inquire about how MTC could start working with your child’s school today. Added benefits of having your child screened in the educational environment include: free teacher in-services, peer training and the therapists becoming part of the academic team.

MTC has a team of: Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists who provide assessments in all developmental areas. The process consists of gathering background information from the family and the educational setting when appropriate; undergoing both standardized and informal testing; and receiving a full evaluation report that includes diagnostic scores, skill narratives, recommendations, and therapeutic goals. Physical Therapy and Developmental Therapy will be joining our team Summer 2020!

MTC is your premiere center for addressing all of your developmental needs. The following services are offered at MTC: speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy (Summer 2020), developmental therapy (Summer 2020) and developmental tutoring. Please call to inquire if you are unsure which service your loved one needs. Keep in mind our trained staff can help guide you so that your loved one gets a well-rounded approach to treatment in order to achieve optimal results.

Treatment locations include our two centers, homes, educational setting, and/or daycare.