Each of us here at Speech Therapy Center, Inc. believe that we have chosen a beautiful profession and feel fortunate that you have chosen us to help guide you to better communication wellness.

As we begin down this path together, you can rest assured, you are dealing with the best. You or your loved one will be in the hands of a staff who share a passion for this practice as well as an appreciation for the opportunity to positively affect lives on a daily basis.

Speech Therapy Developmental Therapy


Our team is comprised of individuals who go above and beyond the current standards. Speech Therapy Center, Inc. requires that all staff continue learning and growing just as our patients do.

This strong belief in continued education is fueled by the ever-changing methodologies used in our field. We take great pride in staying current in the hopes that we may have a lasting, positive impact on the future of speech language pathology.

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We are committed to our practice, to those we care for and their families, as well as those whose lives we touch and touch ours in return. We also pride ourselves in our continuous commitment to being a positive force in our community.

Commitment is one of the core values of Speech Therapy Center, Inc. Following our heart and our passion has brought us here, and our dedication to those who we serve will help get them to where they want to be.

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