Accent Reduction

This elective service provides our clients the opportunity to communicate more easily and effectively in a standard-like American English dialect. Clients will benefit from learning the method of this dialect for the purpose of better communication in educational, professional and other public environments. At My Therapy Center, we place a high value on the beauty of cultural diversity and we take pride in offering this only as an elective service. We feel that language diversity is a beautiful thing and should be celebrated, not suppressed. If you choose to have us guide you through this language transformation, we will offer our guidance in a bi-dialectal environment that will help you further your communication abilities, rather than emphasize the elimination of your accent, and in any way taking away from one’s cultural identity.

Pre-Literacy Program

Our pre-literacy program is a supplemental aid offered to children with speech and language disorders, specifically geared towards emerging literacy. A personalized, and in depth plan of action will be developed by one of our Speech Language Pathologists, and then given to one of our trained teachers, who will then use the plan of action to guide your child in learning the basic skills that build the foundation for success in literacy.

Sensory Room Design

A tranquil and therapeutic environment is a vital part of success to a child who is addressing his or her communication wellness needs. At My Therapy Center, we will team up with a designer to figure out a room layout that will best fit your child, so that their treatment process can be as successful as possible. Our room design will include an assessment of colors, space, flow and other design elements that, when in harmony, are proven to create a more comfortable environment for focus. We also offer this service for the offices of allied professionals in the field of Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy as well as educational facilities.

Parent Education & Advocacy

Through our ever changing website, My Therapy Center will continue to offer parents resources to better educate them about the condition that their loved one is dealing with, as well as methods and practices to help them work with their loved one’s condition. We take great pride in our belief that the best way to deal with the conditions we face, is with understanding.  Therefore, the more resources we have to educate ourselves, the better we will understand the particular situation we are faced with. We will continue to search for and share any resources we find, that will help you gain a better understanding about the communication issue you are faced with, so that we can all continue to grow together. At My Therapy Center, we care deeply about those, who we have the opportunity to lend our services too. Therefore we also offer our services to parents, who need representation in legal or educational settings, such as public school meetings regarding individual educational plans (IEP).