Inspiring Voices, Inc.

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Inspiring Voices, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides under privileged children the therapeutic services they need at no cost.

Inspiring Voices came about from the idea that there is a population of families that have children with special needs without the means to provide adequate treatment for their children.

Rebeca Ruiz (President) and Barbara Cardeso (Vice-President) founded Inspiring Voices, Inc. in 2010. They have provided community education, free screening, and a volunteer program through Inspiring Voices.

The goal of Inspiring Voices is to provide services including: Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, ABA Therapy, Nutrition, Tutoring, etc. for families that are not qualified for insurance.

Inspiring Voices would provide free parent and community education for special needs; in addition to the screenings, volunteer program, and therapy sessions. The organization would benefit all populations, families, children, schools, and daycare centers.

These families deserve a chance to be heard and spread their voice and ideas to the community. Through Inspiring Voices individuals would be given an opportunity to Get Loud as they spread their voice and make a significant impact in their community.

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